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Bruce Johnson

Software Engineer & Founder

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Digital solutions should be...




Your solution should

Stand strong under

Provide your users with
an intuitive stress-free

Feel fast and fluent...
not full of endless
loading circles!

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Christian Cross

Are you a Christian startup or company looking to partner with a low-cost, high-return service that shares like-minded principles?

Bring your ideas to life...

Light Bulb

product consulting


technical consulting

Coding Symbol
Take an idea from your
into the
real world

Product Ideation

Go from a fuzzy product concept to a clear vision


Feature Mapping

Map out the features it will take to build your product



Begin building out a few of your key features; get to that MVP



Move beyond MVP; develop & deploy additional features

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Lyric Keeper

Lead Engineer & Founder

About Lyric Keeper

The Lyric Keeper app helps musicians easily keep track of their lyrics and chords. After starting the project in mid-2020, the team behind Lyric Keeper eventually grew to nine members! The site is still live today for public use:

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Pi Crafters

Lead Instructor & Founder

About Pi Crafters

The Pi Crafters class took absolute beginners through the basics of software engineering and robotics in just four short months! Bruce personally crafted his curriculum to be fun, engaging, and highly informative.

Property Management

Property Management Apps

About Property Management Apps

Bruce, as an engineer, has had the opportunity to work with several different companies over his career. One of these was a property management company looking to gain greater insights into their analytics with custom KPIs.

Unexpected Home Learning Logo

Unexpected Home Learning

Lead Engineer & Founder

About Unexpected Home Learning

This site was created during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist parents thrust into homeschooling without warning. We provided homeschooling resources, techniques, and local contacts. Find more info at:

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